Impact of droplet composition on the nucleation rate and morphology of vapor-liquid-solid GeSn nanowires

Hadi Hijazi, Mohammed Zeghouane, Franck Bassani, Pascal Gentile, Bassem Salem, Vladimir G. Dubrovskii

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It is well-known that the chemical potential which drives the vapor-liquid-solid growth of semiconductor nanowires is strongly affected by the liquid phase composition. Here, we investigate theoretically how the droplet composition influences the nucleation of Au-catalyzed GeSn nanowires on Ge(111) and Si(111) substrates. We compare the chemical potentials in an Au-Ge-Sn catalyst droplet before and after adding Ga and/or Si atoms. It is found that the presence of these atoms enhances the nucleation rate of nanowires on both substrates. Theoretical results are compared to experimental data on GeSn nanowires grown in a hot-wall reduced pressure chemical vapor deposition reactor. It is shown that the intentional addition of Ga in the de-wetting step improves the uniformity of the nanowire dimensions and yields higher density of nanowires over Ge(111) substrates. The nanowire growth on Si(111) substrate occurs only when Ga and/or Si are added to Au droplets. These results show that controlling the composition of the catalyst droplet is crucial for improving the quality of GeSn nanowires.
Translated title of the contributionВлияние состава капли на скорость роста и форму GeSn ННК, растущих по механизму пар-жидкость-твердое тело
Original languageEnglish
Issue number40
StatePublished - 2020

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