Fast Spectral Variations of OBA Stars

A. F. Kholtygin, S. Hubrig, V. V. Dushin, S. Fabrika, A. Valeev, M. Schoeller, A. E. Kostenkov

Research outputpeer-review


The present work is stimulated by a recent detection of moderate line profile variations of selected lines on a time scale of minutes in the FORS2 spectra of the A0 supergiant HD 92207 (Hubrig et al. 2014). Recently, we investigated the variability of line profiles of selected OBA stars with the multi=mode focal reducer SCORPIO on the SAO RAS 6-meter telescope (BTA). We discovered regular variations of the H and He lines in the spectra of the O-type star HD 93521 (O9.5 III) with periods of similar to 4-5 and similar to 32-36 minutes. A possible origin of short time-scale spectral variations is discussed.

Translated title of the contributionБыстрые спектральные изменения OBA звезд
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSTARS: FROM COLLAPSE TO COLLAPSE
EditorsYY Balega, DO Kudryavtsev, Romanyuk, IA Yakunin
PublisherAstronomical Society of the Pacific
Number of pages4
ISBN (Print)978-1-58381-904-3
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventConference on Stars: From Collapse to Collapse - Nizhny Arkhyz
Duration: 2 Oct 20166 Oct 2016

Publication series

NameAstronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series


ConferenceConference on Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
CityNizhny Arkhyz

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Kholtygin, A. F., Hubrig, S., Dushin, V. V., Fabrika, S., Valeev, A., Schoeller, M., & Kostenkov, A. E. (2017). Fast Spectral Variations of OBA Stars. In YY. Balega, DO. Kudryavtsev, Romanyuk, & IA. Yakunin (Eds.), STARS: FROM COLLAPSE TO COLLAPSE (pp. 299-302). (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series; Vol. 510). Astronomical Society of the Pacific.