БРИКС в решении задач безопасности: основные аспекты

Translated title of the contribution: BRICS AND SECURITY ISSUES: COMMON ASPECTS

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Security issues are of high importance for a present-day state. It is necessary to exchange information between states, to elaborate common approaches for the key problems. It is possible to achieve within interstate organizations which provides consensus between the participants. BRICS has become a new active international actor which is able to provide security at several levels. Its activities support at practice the theoretical idea of priority of international unions for international stability. The subject of the article is BRICS as a new factor of security and international stability, which has a number of instruments to solve complex tasks. Being one the largest international unions, developing financial, economic, trade, political, war, technical and etc. interrelations between the participants, BRICS is becoming a significant organization on the world arena. The conclusions of the article are that BRICS member-states develop cooperation in different spheres, creating lots of organizational formats. It allows to speak of firm interconnections between the states which is important as a stabilizing factor in international relations.
Translated title of the contributionBRICS AND SECURITY ISSUES: COMMON ASPECTS
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StatePublished - 2017

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