Борис Николаевич Миронов.

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This publication contains a foreword by the compiler, a biographical article, and chronological and alphabetical indexes of the works of Boris Nikolaevich Mironov, Doctor of Historical Sciences and Professor of St. Petersburg State University. The range of Professor Mironov's academic interests and research agenda is extremely broad: the methodology of and approaches to historical research; the history of trade, prices, and foods; historical demography and anthropometric history; agricultural history and urbanization; the standard of living, inequality, and social stratification; work ethic and cultural capital; ethno-confessional policy and its results; the Russian revolutions of the early twentieth century; the Westernization and modernization of the Russian Empire, the USSR, and modern Russia; and historical sociology and psychology. For historians and all those interested in the history of Russia.
Original languageRussian
PublisherИздательство "Дмитрий Буланин"
Number of pages176
ISBN (Print)978-5-86007-904-5
StatePublished - 2019


  • историческая демография
  • историческая психология
  • историческая социология
  • история России
  • история торговли
  • история цен и питания
  • методика исторических исследований
  • профессор Б.Н.Миронов
  • российские революции начала XX века

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