Changes of Granite Rapakivi under the Biofouling Influence

Dmitry Yu. Vlasov, Elena G. Panova, Marina S. Zelenskaya, Oksana A. Rodina, Alexey D. Vlasov, Katerina V. Sazanova

Research outputpeer-review


Interdisciplinary study of granite rapakivi biofouling in the natural and anthropogenic environment (St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Southern Finland) was carried out. The biodiversity of microorganisms (cyanobacteria, micromycetes, and organotrophic bacteria) and various types of biofilms are characterized. The influence of external factors on the changes of cyanobacterial biofilms is shown. The features of biofilms localization on the granite surface in an urban environment and in natural outcrops are studied. Differences in the biofilms metabolites composition at the granite quarries and monuments of St. Petersburg are shown. The behavior of chemical elements during the bioweathering of granite is estimated. The role of biofilms in the accumulation of chemical elements on the surface of granite is established. The dynamics of chemical elements leaching from granite may depend on the type of biofilm developing on granite.
Translated title of the contributionБиологическое выветривание гранита рапакиви
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGranite [Working Title]
Number of pages18
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 7 May 2020

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