Анализ причин межэтнического конфликта в Оше в 2010 году

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In this paper, there will be analyzed the determinants of the inter-ethnic conflict that occurred in the Fergana Valley in the Kyrgyz city of Osh in June 2010. In such a phenomenon as an inter-ethnic conflict, it is rather difficult to find out a single cause of events; it is rather a set of economic, social, demographic, cultural and historical factors that are in a particular political context. And by the summer of 2010 a political context was formed: as a result of the April coup, there was a change of elites in the state power, which led to the struggle for the redistribution of economic power and resources. And in the conditions of connections of power and economic structures with the criminals, that was clearly manifested in the country on the eve of the conflict, the contradictions became ethnic. Despite the fact that this ethnic conflict was the result of objective contradictions caused by lack of resources (primarily land), low living standards, demographic and social problems, namely the change of political power in the country, instability, the struggle of criminal and mafia structures for power and influence became the trigger mechanisms that produced violence. There are various versions claiming to explain the events of June 2010, as well as to evaluate the actions of official structures during the conflict. Thus, the Uzbek side claimed that the security forces were inactive, ignored the attacks, in turn, the official authorities argued that the conflict was aggravated by unknown, allegedly foreign mercenaries, besides the Kyrgyz side referred to the police’s unwillingness to such events in the first days of the conflict. Therefore, an analysis of the causes of interethnic conflict in Osh will make it possible to identify the main vectors of instability in society, to identify the main actors to which measures of state influence should be directed in order to prevent possible relapses. Keywords: ethnic conflict, political, economic, social determinants, political upheaval, drug trafficking, demographic problems, elite struggle.
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StatePublished - Mar 2019

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