Адвекция хлорофилла волнами Россби

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As it was stated in many recent publications Rossby waves may be observed not only from isopleths of altimeter-measured variables (SSH and SLA) but from remotely-sensed sea surface temperatures (SST) and ocean colors bearing information of chlorophyll-a concentrations as well. This paper attempts to explain the above said phenomenon and to examine Rossby wave advection signatures in chlorophyll fields developed from satellite measurements. Theoretical explanation is given insisting that Rossby waves translocate water volumes with their special contents. Characteristics of travelling Rossby waves, detected by isopleths of the sea level altimetry are coincident with characteristics of wave disturbances in chlorophyll fields. Accordingly estimates of wave disturbances in chlorophyll concentration field can be identified with estimates of respective wave disturbances in the current velocity field or sea-level height field.

Translated title of the contributionAdvecting chlorophyll by Rossby waves
Original languageRussian
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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