Overall objective is to attract business to invest, locate and operate in the programme area. Special objectives of the project are: to widen and strengthen the operative environment of SMEs facilitating new investments in the programme area. The programme area is characterized by valuable historical buildings and constructions built of stones extracted and produced in the programme area. There will be a demand in the future for restoration works that preserve the original characteristics related to natural stones and appearances. The projects aims to support and improve the operational environment of the SMEs by: - increasing knowledge on natural stones used in historical constructions, their origin and possible substitutes in renovation works - increasing skills in the branch of project activities to develop and promote knowledge based natural stone business opportunities - supporting networking activities, creation of a framework for logistic cluster and natural stone commercial activities - preserving and revitalizing the cultural and historical natural stone heritage and image in the project area The actions undertaken in the project also support tourism and tourism business.
Short titleNaStA
AcronymInternational_2019 - 3
Effective start/end date22/11/2130/09/22

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