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Hydrogen Sulfide
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Coulomb explosion imaging of CH3I and CH2ClI photodissociation dynamics

Allum, F., Burt, M., Amini, K., Boll, R., Köckert, H., Olshin, P. K., Bari, S., Bomme, C., Brauße, F., Cunha de Miranda, B., Düsterer, S., Erk, B., Géléoc, M., Geneaux, R., Gentleman, A. S., Goldsztejn, G., Guillemin, R., Holland, D. M. P., Ismail, I., Johnsson, P. & 30 others, Journel, L., Küpper, J., Lahl, J., Lee, J. W. L., Maclot, S., Mackenzie, S. R., Manschwetus, B., Mereshchenko, A. S., Mason, R., Palaudoux, J., Piancastelli, M. N., Penent, F., Rompotis, D., Rouzée, A., Ruchon, T., Rudenko, A., Savelyev, E., Simon, M., Schirmel, N., Stapelfeldt, H., Techert, S., Travnikova, O., Trippel, S., Underwood, J. G., Vallance, C., Wiese, J., Ziaee, F., Brouard, M., Marchenko, T. & Rolles, D., 28 Nov 2018, In : The Journal of Chemical Physics. 149, 20

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Excited states
Charge transfer
charge transfer
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Coulomb-explosion imaging of concurrent CH2BrI photodissociation dynamics

Burt, M., Boll, R., Lee, J. W. L., Amini, K., Kockert, H., Vallance, C., Gentleman, A. S., Mackenzie, S. R., Bari, S., Bomme, C., Duesterer, S., Erk, B., Manschwetus, B., Mueller, E., Rompotis, D., Savelyev, E., Schirmel, N., Techert, S., Treusch, R., Kuepper, J. & 30 others, Trippel, S., Wiese, J., Stapelfeldt, H., de Miranda, B. C., Guillemin, R., Ismail, I., Journel, L., Marchenko, T., Palaudoux, J., Penent, F., Piancastelli, M. N., Simon, M., Travnikova, O., Brausse, F., Goldsztejn, G., Rouzee, A., Geleoc, M., Geneaux, R., Ruchon, T., Underwood, J., Holland, D. M. P., Mereshchenko, A. S., Olshin, P. K., Johnsson, P., Maclot, S., Lahl, J., Rudenko, A., Ziaee, F., Brouard, M. & Rolles, D., 17 Oct 2017, In : Physical Review A. 96, 4, 8 p., 043415.

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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Primary Photochemical Processes for PtCl62- Complex in Acetonitrile Solutions

Matveeva, S. G., Pozdnyakov, I. P., Grivin, V. P., Plyusnin, V. F., Mereshchenko, A. S., Melnikov, A. A., Chekalin, S. V. & Glebov, E. M., 2016, In : Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry. 325, p. 13-21

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Roaming-Mediated Ultrafast Isomerization of Geminal Tri-Bromides

Mereshchenko, A. S., Butaeva, E. V., Borin, V. A., Eyzips, A. A. & Tarnovsky, A. N., 2015, In : Nature Chemistry. 7, p. 562-568

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Enhanced Lifetime of Excitons in Nonepitaxial Au/CdS Core/Shell Nanocrystals

Lambright, S., Butaeva, E., Razgoniaeva, N., Hopkins, T., Smith, B., Perera, D., Corbin, J., Khon, E., Thomas, R., Moroz, P., Mereshchenko, A., Tarnovsky, A. & Zamkov, M., 2014, In : ACS Nano. 8, 1, p. 352–361

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Oxidation of Adenosine and Inosine: The Chemistry of 8-Oxo-7,8-dihydropurines, Purine Iminoquinones and Purine Quinones as Observed by Ultrafast Spectroscopy.

Nilov, D. I., Komarov, D. Y., Panov, M. S., Karabaeva, K. E., Mereshchenko, A. S., Tarnovsky, A. N. & Wilson, R. M., 2013, In : Journal of the American Chemical Society. 135, 9, p. 3423–3438

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The Effect of the Charge-Separating Interface on Exciton Dynamics in Photocatalytic Colloidal Heteronanocrystals

O'Connor, T., Panov, M. S., Mereshchenko, A., Tarnovsky, A. N., Lorek, R., Perera, D. N., Diederich, G., Lambrigh, S., Moroz, P. & Zamkov, M., 2012, In : ACS Nano. 6, 9, p. 8156-8165

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Suppression of the Plasmon Resonance in Au/CdS Colloidal Nanocomposites.

Khon, E., Mereshchenko, A., Tarnovsky, A. N., Acharya, K., Klinkova, A., Hewa-Kasakarage, N. N., Nemitz, I. & Zamkov, M., 2011, In : Nano Letters. 4, p. 1792-1799

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El-Khoury, P. Z., S.K., P., Mereshchenko, A. S. & Tarnovsky, A. N., 2010, In : Chemical Physics Letters. 493, 1-3, p. 61-66

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