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Chapter 13: Characterization of Liquid-crystalline Materials by Separated Local Field Methods

Dvinskikh, S. V., 1 Jan 2018, New Developments in NMR. Hodgkinson, P. (ed.). 15 ed. Royal Society of Chemistry, p. 391-423 33 p. (New Developments in NMR; vol. 2018-January, no. 15).

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Liquid Crystals
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Solid-state deuterium NMR spectroscopy of rhodopsin

Perera, S. M. D. C., Xu, X., Molugu, T. R., Struts, A. V. & Brown, M. F., 2018, Modern Magnetic Resonance. G.A.Webb (ed.). Springer, p. 1251-1270 20 p.

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Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
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Investigation of Rhodopsin Dynamics in its Signaling State by Solid-State Deuterium NMR Spectroscopy

Struts, A. V., Chawla, U., Perera, S. M. D. C. & Brown, M. F., 2015, Rhodopsin: Methods and Protocols / Jastrzebska, Beata (Ed.) (Methods in Molecular Biology. Vol. 1271) 10.1007/978-1-4939-2330-4. Springer, p. 414, 133-158

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Generalized Model-Free Analysis of Nuclear Spin Relaxation Experiments

Xu, X., Struts, A. V. & Brown, M. F., 2014, eMagRes (Wiley Online Library ). Wiley-Blackwell, p. 275-286

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nuclear spin
nuclear magnetic resonance
field theory (physics)

Structural Dynamics of Retinal in Rhodopsin Activation Viewed by Solid-State 2H NMR Spectroscopy (CHAPTER 17)

Brown, M. F. & Struts, A. V., 2014, Advances in Biological Solid-State NMR: Proteins and Membrane-Active Peptides/Separovic F., Naito A. (eds.). Royal Society of Chemistry, p. 608, 320-352

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Rhodopsin Activation Based on Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Brown, M. F. & Struts, A. V., 2013, Encyclopaedia of Biophysics. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, (Encyclopedia of Biophysics).

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Separated local field nmr spectroscopy in columnar liquid crystals SLF NMR spectroscopy in columnar liquid crystals

Dvinskikh, S. V., 1 Jan 2007, Thermotropic Liquid Crystals: Recent Advances. Springer, p. 117-140 24 p.

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Liquid Crystals
Liquid crystals
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy