Research Output 1975 2020


Optical cooling of nuclear spins in semiconductor microcavities

Kavokin, K., Zapasskii, V., Ryzhov, I., Kozlov, G., Vladimirova, M., Scalbert, D., Cronenberger, S. & Lemaître, A., 2019.

Research output


International Conference on Many Particle Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces, 23-26 August 2016, Moscow: Diffraction effects in the Recoil-Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions of Fluoromethane.

Головин, А. В., Bomme, C., Boll, R., Savelyev, E., Anielski, D., Erk, B., Bari, S., Kienitz, J. S., Müller, N. L. M., Kierspel, T., Viefhaus, J., Küpper, J. & Rolles, D., 26 Aug 2016, p. 1. 1 p.

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