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Formation of envelope solitons of spin-wave packets propagating in thin-film magnon crystals

Drozdovskii, A. V., Cherkasskii, M. A., Ustinov, A. B., Kovshikov, N. G. & Kalinikos, B. A., 1 Mar 2010, In : JETP Letters. 91, 1, p. 16-20 5 p.

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Influence of the transverse dimension on the structure and properties of dc glow discharges

Bogdanov, E. A., Adams, S. F., Demidov, V. I., Kudryavtsev, A. A. & Williamson, J. M., 2010, In : Physics of Plasmas. 17, 10, p. 103502_1-11

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Quantum volume hologram

Vasyliev, D. V., Sokolov, I. V. & Polzik, E. S., 2010, In : Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 81, 2, p. 020302(R)_1-4

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Зеемановская структура и ее особенности конфигураций 2p^5 5g Ne I и 3p^5 5g Ar I.

Анисимова, Г. П., Долматова, О. А. & Ефремова, Е. А., 2010, In : ОПТИКА И СПЕКТРОСКОПИЯ. 109, 4, p. 531-533

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Autoionization of an ultracold rydberg gas through resonant dipole coupling

Amthor, T., Denskat, J., Giese, C., Bezuglov, N. N., Ekers, A., Cederbaum, L. S. & Weidemüller, M., 1 Jun 2009, In : European Physical Journal D. 53, 3, p. 329-335 7 p.

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Generation of ultrabroadband terahertz radiation under optical breakdown of air by two femtosecond pulses of different frequencies

Andreev, A. A., Bespalov, V. G., Gorodetskii, A. A., Kozlov, S. A., Krylov, V. N., Lukomskii, G. V., Novoselov, E. V., Petrov, N. V., Putilin, S. E. & Stumpf, S. A., 2009, In : Optics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya). 107, 4, p. 538-544

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High quality anti-relaxation coating material for alkali atom vapor cells

Balabas, M. V., Jensen, K., Wasilewski, W., Krauter, H., Madsen, L. S., Muller, J. H., Fernholz, T. & Polzik, E. S., 2009, In : Optics Express. 18, 6, p. 5825-5830

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