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Characterization of Tribolium castaneum oocyte nuclear structures using microinjection of a fusion nuclear protein mRNA

Kiselev, A., Stepanova, I., Adonin, L., Batalova, F., Parfenov, V., Bogolyubov, D. & Podgornaya, O., 2015, In : Molecular Reproduction and Development. 9, p. 628-629

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Eurasian reed warblers compensate for virtual magnetic displacement

Kishkinev, D., Chernetsov, N., Pakhomov, A., Heyers, D. & Mouritsen, H., 2015, In : Current Biology. 25, 19, 3 p.

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Putting Russia on the genome map

Oleksyk, T. K., Brukhin, V. & O'Brien, S. J., 2015, In : Science.. 350, 6262, p. 747

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Assignment and secondary structure identification of the ribosomal protein L18 from thermus thermophilus [3]

Woestenenk, E. A., Allard, P., Gongadze, G. M., Moskalenko, S. E., Shcherbakov, D. V., Rak, A. V., Garber, M. B., Härd, T. & Berglund, H., 24 Aug 2000, In : Journal of Biomolecular NMR. 17, 3, p. 273-274 2 p.

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New motile intranuclear symbionts of ciliate

Вишняков, А. Э., Skoblo, I. & Rodionova, G., 1998, In : Endocytobiosis and Cell Research. 13, Suppl., p. 142

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Dependence of the time of recognition of visual images in cats on the values of the signal to noise ratio

Murina, T. A., Cherenkova, L. V. & Chivileva, I. M., 1 Dec 1973, In : Biophysics. 18, 4, p. 819-821 3 p.

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