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Лаборатория театральной критики и журналистики

Ольга Борисовна Манулкина (Invited speaker), Татьяна Белова (Invited speaker), Сергей Конаев (Invited speaker), Ая Макарова (Invited speaker), Кристина Матвиенко (Invited speaker), Ярослав Тимофеев (Invited speaker) & Юлия Бедерова (Keynote speaker)

23 Feb 201928 Apr 2019


Trauma Studies in the Medical Humanities: New Directions for Research: international conference

Ольга Борисовна Манулкина (Invited speaker), Marina Frolova-Walker (Keynote speaker), Patrick Zuk (Keynote speaker), Ivana Medic (Invited speaker), Марина Раку (Invited speaker), Nikolae Gheorghita (Invited speaker), Mikhail Epstein (Keynote speaker) & Ursula Wirtz (Keynote speaker)

12 Apr 201814 Apr 2018


The 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society

Ольга Борисовна Манулкина (Invited speaker), Klára Móricz (Invited speaker), Simon Morrison (Invited speaker), Pauline Fairclough (Invited speaker), Elena Dubinets (Invited speaker), Marina Frolova-Walker (Invited speaker) & Peter Schmelz (Invited speaker)

9 Nov 201712 Nov 2017


Moscow State Linguistic University

Мария Николаевна Дмитриева (Visiting researcher)

29 Mar 201830 Mar 2018