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A corpus and usage-based approach to Ancient Greek: from the Archaic period until the Koiné

Фатима Абисаловна Елоева (Speaker) & Максим Львович Кисилиер (Speaker)

12 Apr 201814 Apr 2018


Advanced Problems in Mechanics, APM 2016. XLIV International Conference

Регина Ринатовна Саитова (Participant)

27 Jun 20162 Jul 2016


AFI Global Policy Forum

Павел Михайлович Шуст (Participant) & Виктор Леонидович Достов (Participant)

5 Sep 20187 Sep 2018


After the end of Music History: for Richard Taruskin

Ольга Борисовна Манулкина (Speaker), Simon Morrison (Speaker), Wendy Heller (Speaker), Lydia Goehr (Speaker), Carolyn Abbate (Speaker), Alex Ross (Speaker), Michael Beckerman (Speaker), Marina Frolova-Walker (Speaker) & Caryl Emerson (Speaker)

Feb 2012


A JOINT IN RHEUMATOLOGY 2018. Systemic autoimmune diseases and the mosaic of autoimmunity

Леонид Павлович Чурилов (Member of program committee), Yehuda Shoenfeld (Chair), Борис Гильбурд (Participant), Ora Shovman (Participant) & Miri Blank (Participant)

26 Oct 201827 Oct 2018


American Crystallographic Association's Annual Meeting

Николай Русланович Скрынников (Participant)

20 Jul 201824 Jul 2018


AMPERE NMR School 2018

Сергей Сергеевич Быстров (Participant)

10 Jun 201816 Jun 2018


A multinuclear NMR study of a thermotropic ionic liquid crystal

M. Cifelli (Speaker), V. Domenici (Speaker) & Сергей Вячеславович Двинских (Keynote speaker)

16 Sep 201820 Sep 2018