2019 INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE ON EARTH SCIENCE, ISTCEARTHSCIENCE 2019 Russky Island, 10-12 декабря 2019 г. Ivanyukovich G.A., Malafeyev O.A., Redinskikh N.D., Shulga A.A., Zaitseva I.V., Pichugin Y.A. Estimation of the regression equation parameters X-Ray radiometric and geological testing on the deposits of rare and precious metals(секционный доклад)

Малафеев, О. А. (Speaker), Георгий Александрович Иванюкович (Speaker), Надежда Дмитриевна Рединских (Speaker), А.А. Шульга (Speaker), И.В. Зайцева (Speaker), Ю.А. Пичугин (Speaker)


Period10 Dec 2019
Held atDepartment of Modelling in Social and Economical Systems
Degree of RecognitionInternational